There Really is Hope for Horses!


MISSION STATEMENT:  To improve the lives of endangered equines in Western North Carolina,

Hope for Horses has been serving Western North Carolina since 1999, by assisting in rescue and providing valuable rehabilitation and adoption services.  Our goal is to find quality homes for the many unwanted, neglected and abused horses in our area.  We also provide sanctuary for equines that cannot be adopted due to health, behavioral, or other reasons.

Many of the horses that come to us are in poor condition, usually malnourished, and have often had no handling in months, or even years.  Hope for Horses works diligently to provide the best care and quality of life to these beautiful and deserving creatures, until they can be adopted. This often means countless hours handling, frequent and late night visits to the barn for extra small meals while a horse is being reintroduced to hay and grain, and frequent monitoring by our veterinarians.

Hope for Horses is committed to helping responsible horse owners keep and care for their horses.  We provide counsel, education, and many emergency services to owners. Hope for Horses offers training and education to Animal Control Officers, to better the conditions of equines in WNC.