Our Adoptable Horses

In order to adopt any of the below horses, you must complete the online Adoption Application.  Adoption fees range from $300-$800.  This fee and all donations are tax-deductible.  We require a signed statement ensuring that the horse can never be transferred, leased, given or sold to anyone other than back to Hope for Horses.  We will make visits and require access to veterinary and farrier records to help assure that horse is receiving the best care.





Experienced Horse Person Only


Not Rideable - Pasture Pal or Companion Only

Requires Medical Maintenace

Scroll below to find a wonderful companion and the horse you have always wanted!



Raven is skeptical of humans; she is a sweetheart when you earn her trust. She was bonded with her former long-time pasture mate who died. Raven has good feet. Leads and listens well. Good with fly spray and having a hose bath. Lets you wash off face, eyes, inside of nose with cloth and clean teats. Lifts front hooves to be picked; still working on hind hooves, which come with patience.  Raven has a beautiful trot. She learns quickly and wants to please once you have established relationship. Appears amenable to coming under saddle. We don’t know if she’s been ridden in the past. She is a horse that will thrive with a human to bond with and call her own..

BREED: Quarter Horse

SEX:  Mare

AGE:  23



Molly is a 13 hand pony and untrained, but she has great potential.  She would be a great companion horse or a good project horse for an experienced rider.

BREED:  Pony

SEX:  Mare

AGE: 12



Eve is 14.3 hands and has had training and handling, but not yet under saddle.  She would make a great pasture pal or would be suitable for a training program.

BREED:  Welsh/Arab Cross

SEX:  Mare

AGE: 11



Starvation case rescued from a big herd in Rutherford County, Joy must be adopted with with Tiny Dancer (below).  They are high strung pasture pets and must be adopted together.

BREED:  Welsh/Arab

SEX: Mare

AGE: 5

Tiny Dancer.jpg

Tiny Dancer

Starvation case rescued from a big herd in Rutherford County, Tiny Dancer must be adopted with with Joy (above).  They are high strung pasture pets and must be adopted together.

BREED:  Welsh/Arab

SEX: Mare

AGE: 7



Skye is a five year young Paint Horse mare. She has been with Hope for Horses since she was born and spent her first few years at a lovely foster home. Skye came into the training facility this winter and has spent a few months growing and learning to be a well behaved kid. She has just recently gone under saddle and has taken to the process nicely. Due to her age we are taking her training slowly and in stride. Skye is going to make a lovely partner for someone very soon. She is a beautiful, friendly and curious girl. We will continue to introduce her to the world of being a good citizen and keep you all posted on her progress! Skye does require allergy medication during the midge season.

BREED:  Paint

SEX: Mare

AGE: 5



Mystic is a 26-year-old Arabian cross pony mare.  She has arthritis in her left front but gets along well on it with Previcox.  She is super cute and friendly, a very calm nature.  She does great grooming, handling, haltering and leading.  Mystic would make a great companion horse in her forever home!

BREED:  Arabian Cross

SEX: Mare

AGE: 26



Seneca is a 22-year-old retired Arabian mare. She has foundered in the past and is on Prascend to control that, which costs about $80/month. She is a total angel with no bad behaviors or vices. Very outgoing and sweet! She went through a difficult 2020, with her owner having medical issues but she is ready to be a wonderful companion horse to a loving home.

BREED:  Arabian

SEX:  Mare

AGE:  21