2017 Board Members

  • Susan Haslam
  • Dr. Ann Stuart
  • Kim Reynolds
  • Dr. Bob Sinclair
  • Louis Stein
  • Connie Moore
  • Cindy Hansult

2017 Staff

  • Whitney Wright - Founder & Executive Director
    • Whitney graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1986 with a Bachelor's in Business Administration.  She has been an equine farm owner since her graduation and has been involved with all aspects of farm management before realizing her dream of starting a non-profit organization.  Whitney is dedicated to improving the lives of horses in need, regardless of their circumstances.  Whitney also enjoys riding her endurance horse and spending time with her two daughters.
  • Gina Zachary-Doan - Grants/Website/Social Media Coordinator
    • Gina has been on board with Hope for Horses since January 2015,  She designed and manages our website and our social media avenues, as well as grant writing and event planning for our organization.  Her background includes Information Technology, Accounting and Non-Profit advocacy.  She enjoys music and spending time with her three children.