Our Adoptable Horses

In order to adopt any of the below horses, you must complete the online Adoption Application beside the horse you are interested in.  Adoption fees range from $200-$600.  This fee and all donations are tax deductible.  We require a signed statement ensuring that the horse can never be transferred, leased, given or sold to anyone other than back to Hope for Horses.  We will make visits and require access to veterinary and farrier records to help assure that horse is receiving the best care.


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Captain came to Hope in July 2019.  He was a stallion locked in a horse trailer because his owners could not contain him safely.  After being castrated, we have found him to be extremely head shy, yet gentle with humans.  He has been ridden in the past but we do not know the history.

BREED:  Mixed

SEX:  Gelding

AGE: 15

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Molly is a 13 hand pony and untrained, but she has great potential.  She would be a great companion horse or a good project horse for an experienced rider.

BREED:  Pony

SEX:  Mare

AGE: 12

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Baby is 13 hands and has been trained under saddle.  However, due to a soundness issue, she had to take some time off.  She would make a great pasture pal and if she became ridable, we would only advise a small rider.

BREED:  Pony/Mustang

SEX:  Mare

AGE: 10

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Eve is 14.3 hands and has had training and handling, but not yet under saddle.  She would make a great pasture pal or would be suitable for a training program.

BREED:  Welsh/Arab Cross

SEX:  Mare

AGE: 11

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Grace is a beautiful, registered little Paso Fino mare.  She was found starving in Haywood County with a pasture mate who has since passed away.  She has dropped rear fetlocks which are not causing her any lameness issues, but could at some point.  She is an easy keeper in the summer and a more difficult in the winter to keep weight on.  She is super sweet, yet guarded with her affection.

BREED:  Paso Fino

SEX:  Mare

AGE: 26

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More horses available for adoption through our Horse Match program!

Our Horses to Sponsor

Sponsoring a horse allows us to maintain the horses who are permanent residents as well as those equines that are recovering, rehabilitating and waiting to be adopted. 

  • $250 per month would sponsor total horse care

  • $150 per month would sponsor feed

  • $75 per month would sponsor vet care, worming and farrier

  • $25 per month would sponsor grooming and dental care

  • $5 buys a bale of hay

  • You may also choose an amount, as any donation helps our horses



Paco is recovering from one of the most extreme abuse cases we have seen.  The case against his former owner is pending in Haywood County.

BREED:  Quarter Mix

SEX: Gelding

AGE: 15

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