We have a growing list of screened applicants interested in providing homes for all ages and types of horses.  Many are looking for an older, gentle horse for a child.  Others are looking for a companion for another animal.  We even have people who just want to provide a safe, quite retirement home. Upon finding a suitable home, we provide a standard of care profile to fit the particular horse for the new foster owners to go by. 

In order to adopt

  • Please complete our online adoption application and indicate which horse you are interested in.
  • $200 Adoption Fee for rideable horses and $150 Adoption Fee for companion horses suggested.
  •  No money is to be exchanged with owners of Horse Match horses, as we DO NOT SELL horses on this site.  Please notify Hope for Horses if anyone asks for payment during the adoption process.
  • We require a signed statement ensuring that the horse can never be transferred, leased, given or sold to anyone other than Hope for Horses. 
  • We will make scheduled and unscheduled visits and require access to veterinary and farrier records to help assure us that the horse is receiving the best care.




  • AGE:  18
  • BREED: Quarter Horse
  • SEX:  Gelding
  • HEIGHT:  16 Hands
  • SUITABILITY: Companion or lead line horse for child weighing less than 80 lbs
  • LIMITATIONS: See below
  • STATUS:    Adoptable by contacting Hope for Horses
  • CONTACT Call  (828) 683-0160 or email hopeforhorses@aol.com
  • INFO:  Profit is a very sweet and willing fellow.  He is gentle and safe for a beginning rider and is kid friendly.  He has "soft soles", so must be shod and can be ridden at a walk/trot.  He does great on trails.  He has fly allergies, so needs Swat applied to legs during fly season, but is otherwise sound and healthy.  His future home must be FOREVER and will require a companion, a free-access run-in shelter, barn, and pasture.


  • AGE:  13
  • BREED:  Quarter Mix
  • SEX:  Mare
  • HEIGHT:  14.2 Hands
  • SUITABILITY:  Intermediate Rider
  • STATUS:  Adoptable by contacting Hope for Horses
  • CONTACT:   hopeforhorses@aol.com or call 828-683-0160
  • MORE INFO:  She was rescued from a kill pen and was very skittish and distrustful of humans when she first came to Hope.  After much love and attention, and training with Robbie Potter, this mare is sweet and willing.  She is sound and perfectly healthy.  Belle will be a wonderful trail or show horse for an intermediate rider.


  • AGE:  12
  • BREED:  Thoroughbred
  • SEX:  Gelding
  • HEIGHT:  16.1 Hands
  • SUITABILITY:  Companion
  • STATUS:  Adoptable through Horse Match by contacting the owner below
  • CONTACT: Email Maria at marialebrun72@gmail.com
  • MORE INFO:  Rocket is a beautiful OTTB who is quite docile and would make a wonderful pasture mate.  He is healthy and pasture sound, but is lame with weight on his back, so cannot be ridden.  He receives arthritis supplements and requires shelter.  He will shake his head up and down when you ask him if he wants a treat!


  • AGE:  17
  • BREED:  
  • SEX:  Gelding
  • HEIGHT:  14.1 Hands
  • SUITABILITY:  Companion
  • STATUS:  Adoptable through Horse Match by contacting the owner below
  • CONTACT: Email Brian at bmoser1@charter.net
  • MORE INFO:  Diablo is a very friendly, playful horse.  He has foundered and has a slightly turned coffin bone, so must be on minimal grass, soaked hay, and occasional Bute for pain.   He cannot be ridden and requires special shoeing (backwards or bar). If you have a similar horse that needs a sweet companion, Diablo is the perfect horse!


  • AGE:  22
  • BREED:  Quarter Horse
  • SEX:  Mare
  • HEIGHT:  15.1 Hands
  • SUITABILITY:  Companion
  • STATUS:  Adoptable through Horse Match by contacting the owner below
  • CONTACT: Call Sheila at (828) 712-8445
  • MORE INFO:  This beautiful, registered QH, nicknamed "Mouse" is a sweetheart!  Mouse was a wonderful trail horse, but is now retired due to a locked stifle.  She is easy-going and would make an ideal pasture mate.  She needs a home, quickly, as she is losing her pasture.


  • AGE:  8
  • BREED:  Anglo Arab
  • SEX:  Mare
  • HEIGHT:  15.1 Hands
  • SUITABILITY:  Experienced Rider
  • STATUS:  Adoptable through Horse Match by contacting the owner below
  • CONTACT: Email Jennifer at horsesjd72@yahoo.com
  • MORE INFO:  June is a gorgeous mare with a ton of potential!  She has been under saddle several times, but needs more consistent work.  She has suddenly developed a fear of loading, so takes about an hour to get trailered.  She is also spooky getting shod, so owners are going barefoot. Her times under saddle have been mostly calm, even crossing a creek without problems.  She is not the alpha mare, but is at the top of the herd, especially during feeding.  She is not a fan of dogs, but LOVES people, and will let you pet and love her all day long!  She is completely sound and healthy! If you are an experienced equestrian, and can provide June consistent and kind instruction, this is YOUR horse!


  • AGE:  11
  • BREED:  Appaloosa
  • SEX:  Gelding
  • SUITABILITY:  Companion
  • STATUS:  Adoptable through Horse Match by contacting owner below
  • CONTACT:   Text (910) 783-8792 or email hollysark@yahoo.com
  • MORE INFO:  Rue is a strikingly handsome, sweet boy who gets along well with other equines.  He has an old stifle injury that prevents him from being ridden, but requires no maintenance.  He is an easy keep and perfectly healthy.  He would be wonderful companion horse or therapy horse for a groundwork program.


  • AGE:  17
  • BREED:  Unknown - small
  • SEX:  Gelding
  • SUITABILITY:  Companion
  • STATUS:  Adoptable by contacting Hope for Horses
  • CONTACT: Call  (828) 683-0160 or email hopeforhorses@aol.com
  • MORE INFO:  Hank came to Hope after being nurtured back to health by a wonderful lady.  He had suffered horrible abuse (beaten with a board) and was neglected and malnourished.  He has a spinal disfigurement at the base of his neck, due to the abuse, and cannot be ridden.  He has no health issues and is an easy keeper.  He gets along very well with other horses.  He is a bit timid at first with new people, but warms up VERY quickly.  He LOVES to be loved!  He also loves treats!  Hank is currently being spoiled at his foster home, while he awaits a forever family.


  • AGE:  Mid 20's
  • BREED:  Arabian/Morgan Cross
  • SEX:  Mare
  • SUITABILITY:  Lead line or light riding, due to age
  • STATUS:  Adoptable
  • CONTACT: Call  (828) 683-0160 or email hopeforhorses@aol.com
  • MORE INFO:  Ruth was surrendered to Hope when her previous owners could no longer care for her.    Though she seems to be perpetually grumpy, she is a sweet mare and loves to be groomed!  She's a grulla, which is her unusual coat color, and has an extremely heavy coat, so needs body clipping in the summer.  She is perfectly safe, but is only suitable for light riding, due to her age.  Until we have found a new forever home for her, you may also "Sponsor" Ruth by visiting our Horses to Sponsor tab.


  • AGE:  26
  • BREED:  Morgan/Quarter Horse
  • SEX:  Mare
  • HEIGHT:  
  • SUITABILITY: Companion
  • STATUS:  Adoptable by contacting Hope for Horses
  • CONTACT: Call  (828) 683-0160 or email hopeforhorses@aol.com
  • INFO:  Sable is a very sweet pasture pet. She lives alone, but LOVES being with other horses. Her best friend is a dog, so she would do well in a family that has dogs. Her health is perfect. She has never been trained for riding. Her owners must move, soon, so this beauty needs a new forever family URGENTLY!


  • AGE:  5
  • BREED:  Tennessee Walking Horse
  • SEX:  Gelding
  • HEIGHT:  14.3 Hands
  • SUITABILITY: Advanced Rider
  • LIMITATIONS: See details below
  • STATUS:  Adoptable through Horse Match by contacting owner directly
  • CONTACTsharonwright6688@gmail.com OR call / text (828) 980-0375
  • INFO FROM CURRENT OWNER:  Minimal handling past 4 years. After weaning, Puck has lived in pasture with his mother (Champagne) & older brother (Jack). Puck has never been separated from his mother; he will need secure safe containment initially; no vices; not pushy; after he's settled and with training from the beginning, I'm certain he'll be an outstanding (he's naturally gaited ) riding horse & will be really connected to his person. Conformation is great! (He's too fat of course) He will need time and training from halter-saddle!!  Puck loves people & he's curious.  He liked to walk up onto porch and look into screened porch as a foal. His color is champagne and be has a mark in shape of champagne glass on his side. No health or lameness issues. *He's been barefoot all his life and needs training with his feet. All vaccinations current including rabies. Coggins may have expired.  Please note in attached picture that Puck is standing on a down slope, his conformation is better.  He needs safe secure containment while separating from his mother and brother. (Unless he's adopted with them, they are both listed here for adoption)  Puck needs love, patience and training beginning with halter, leading etc.


  • AGE:  11
  • BREED:  Pony
  • SEX:  Mare
  • HEIGHT:  13 Hands
  • SUITABILITY:  Untrained, but great potential!
  • STATUS:  Adoptable
  • CONTACT:  hopeforhorses@aol.com


  • AGE:  29
  • BREED:  Arabian
  • SEX:  Mare
  • Height:  14.2 Hands
  • SUITABILITY:  Companion
  • LIMITATIONS:  Needs senior grain twice daily
  • STATUS:  Adoptable through Horse Match
  • CONTACT:  lighterboelt@gmail.com