Horsematch is for conscientious and loving horseowners who find themselves forced, due to circumstances beyond their control, to part with their horses. This program is not intended to be an avenue for people to re-home geriatric, unsound or untrained horses as a matter of convenience. Let's face it, when it comes to placing our horses, it's never fun but we want to make sure we find a good home where they will be taken care of to our satisfaction.

With Horse Match, horse owners receive the benefit and security of our organization's years of experience in finding quality homes for horses. We do not sell horses through our Horse Match program. The program is for placement of horses in need of good, caring homes by conscientious owners. Therefore, if you are offering your horse for sale via other advertisements, you MAY NOT use Horse Match.  What we do ask is for a donation to be made to Hope for Horses by the person adopting the horse they find on Horse Match. Remember, the donation is 100 percent tax deductible and will go to help the horses here on the farm.

This service not only helps you find a safe home for your horse, we also post your horse's photo on our web site with a full description. Horses are listed on our Available Horses page and have the owner's name and contact information listed on each horse's page for you to contact them directly. For those interested in listing a horse with Horse Match, contact our Horse Match coordinator, Kim Reynolds at or complete the online Horse Match application.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive a packet from us with all of our contracts and forms covering everything from the first interview questions to the follow-up farm check. You can be comfortable knowing that these are the same forms and contracts that we have used to successfully place hundreds of horses over the years.

Our primary goal is to help you place your horse in a safe and loving environment. We understand that financial demands may be a factor in making this difficult decision and we want to assure you that we are more than willing to work with you on an individual basis according to your needs.

 Horse Match Service Includes:

  • Profile with photo of your horse on our web site
  • Adoption application
  • Reference questions
  • Preliminary farm check inspection form
  • Adoption agreement
  • Guidelines of care agreement
  • Follow up farm check inspection form


  • Horse Match is offered to help owners in difficult situations place their horses into loving, forever homes. Horses are not sold on this site; therefore, if you are offering your horse for sale via other advertisements, you MAY NOT use Horse Match.  
  • We ask that adopters make a donation to Hope for Horses to help us continue our mission of helping horses and owners who are in need.  No money is to be exchanged with owners of Horse Match horses, as we DO NOT SELL horses on this site.  Please notify Hope for Horses if anyone asks for payment during the adoption process.  
  • Hope for Horses requires that both parties involved in a Horse Match transaction sign our disclaimer  and submit to Hope for Horses before completion of any transaction. We appreciate your understanding!