Horsematch is for conscientious and loving horse owners who find themselves forced, due to circumstances beyond their control, to part with their horses. This program is not intended to be an avenue for people to re-home geriatric, unsound or untrained horses as a matter of convenience.  We do not sell horses through our Horse Match program. The program is for placement of horses in need of good, caring homes. Therefore, if you are offering your horse for sale via other advertisements, you MAY NOT use Horse Match.  We do ask that a donation be made to Hope for Horses by the person adopting the horse they find on Horse Match. The donation is 100% tax deductible and will go to help the rescue horses here on the farm.

If you need to rehome your horse, please fill out the online Horse Match Application (by clicking HERE) with as much description as you can.  You will need to attach 2 pictures of your horse - preferably, a close-up shot of the face and a full-body shot from the side.  Get the best pictures that you can - first impressions are really important! Interested adopters will fill out an application . We connect you with the qualified applicants.

IMPORTANT! Because this service is very time consuming for our staff and volunteers, and our organization pays internet, phone, and website fees in order to provide this service, we request a donation of $20-$30 with your application (by clicking HERE). 


 Horse Match Service Includes:

  • Profile with photo of your horse on our web site

  • Adoption application

  • Reference questions

  • Adoption agreement

  • Guidelines of care agreement


  • Horse Match is offered to help owners in difficult situations place their horses into loving, forever homes. Horses are not sold on this site; therefore, if you are offering your horse for sale via other advertisements, you MAY NOT use Horse Match.

  • We ask that adopters make a donation to Hope for Horses to help us continue our mission of helping horses and owners who are in need. No money is to be exchanged with owners of Horse Match horses, as we DO NOT SELL horses on this site. Please notify Hope for Horses if anyone asks for payment during the adoption process.

  • Hope for Horses requires that both parties involved in a Horse Match transaction sign our disclaimer and submit to Hope for Horses before completion of any transaction. We appreciate your understanding!


To adopt a Hope for Horses rescue horse, please go to: https://www.hopeforhorses.org/horse-to-adopt



  • Age:15-18


  • SEX: Gelding

  • INFO: Jackson is a sweet and mellow retired camp horse.  He loves baths and does anything asked of him.  He loves baths! He is no longer able to be ridden, as he has hind suspensory desmitis, for which he takes daily Previcox and has egg-bar shoes on his hind feet. If you have extra room in your heart and your pasture for this sweetheart, please fill out an online application.

  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact the owner at lighterboelt@gmail.com



  • AGE: 20

  • BREED: Quarter Horse

  • SEX: Mare

  • INFO: Chloe is a sweet, registered QH mare, who has recently suffered the sudden loss of her 8 year pasture mate.  She desperately needs a home and a new companion.  She was previously a trail horse but cannot be ridden now due to arthritis. She doesn't like to have her feet touched, possibly due to the arthritis.  This will need to be evaluated, further, with appropriate training. She is healthy, otherwise.

  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact the owner at (828) 275-3034






  • AGE: 8 & 15

  • BREED: Bella - Quarter Horse, Gypsy - Mustang

  • SEX: Mares

  • INFO: Bella is a dream - dressage trained and very friendly.  She is elderly, but has no health issues.  She should not be ridden by an adult, but could certainly be a child's lead-line mount, or lightly ridden in the ring. Gypsy is a BLM mustang that was passed from one irresponsible owner to the next x 4! She was rescued from slaughter and has thrived for many years with her current owner.  She enjoys being touched and loved. She is elderly and has an old coffin bone injury, so cannot be ridden.  Gypsy is a hard keeper during the winter, so will require adequate grain to keep her weight. Gypsy and Bella have been together for many years and are bonded.  They need to be adopted as a pair.  Gypsy suffered horribly at the beginning of her life, so it is imperative that a new owner have appropriate equine experience, pasture and shelter, and financial means to care for aging horses.  References and a facility check will be required.

  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact the owner at Nancetta@nancettaliles.com



  • AGE: 8 & 15

  • BREED: Halflinger

  • SEX: Gelding

  • INFO: Eli (on the right) is an 8 year old Haflinger gelding.  He is 15 hands, 1100 pounds and has no health issues.  He is playful and curious, but can be pushy without a strong leader.  He is easily excited around new horses and situations.  He must have an experienced rider who can help him navigate becoming a more stable mount.  Eli really enjoys stealing buckets from the barn and playing with them! Apollo (left) is a very intelligent and curious Haflinger.  He is 16 years old, 15.2 hands, and 1100 pounds.  He is very eager to please, but needs an advanced rider to finish his education under saddle.  His nickname is Houdini, as he has been known to unlock barn doors and gates, and will steal items from your pocket.  He also loves attention and will pull on your clothing until acknowledged!  He is in perfect health. Eli and Apollo are nephew/uncle.  They are extremely bonded and must be adopted together.  They need a true horseperson with the expertise and ability to kindly and firmly continue their education.

  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact the owner at loewenland55@gmail.com



  • AGE: 12 & 6

  • BREED: Donkey's

  • SEX: Mares

  • INFO: Lucky is a small standard donkey and Jingo is a full-sized standard donkey.  They are a bonded mother and daughter, and must be adopted together.  Owner stipulates via contract that these donkeys may never 
    be bred. They are very friendly and are in perfect health. Jingo likes to rest her head on her owner's head, when the owner is sitting or kneeling. They both love treats and like to eat their hay in front of a fan in the summer! They have not been trained for riding. Owner must part with them and is looking for a loving home, where they will continue to be spoiled, for both.

  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact the owner at ponsklv@gmail.com



  • AGE: 7

  • BREED: QH/TN Walker Cross (not gaited)

  • SEX: Mare

  • INFO: Spring Song Melody is a beautiful, sweet girl when worked in the pasture, in hand. She is doing great under saddle - on the trail, through the creek, in a busy neighborhood. She doesn’t like wooden bridges, though! She is going to be a crackerjack little horse for an intelligent, experienced ridge, who will continue her training with kindness and respect. She is a sweet, loving girl, who bonds deeply with her "person", and must have a companion - she will jump fences when alone. She must have safe fencing (no barbed wire!).

  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact the owner at missuspete@bellsouth.net



  • AGE: 12

  • BREED: Saddlebred

  • SEX: Gelding

  • INFO: Reportedly, Heisman was once a show horse, but after being tried under saddle, recently, the owner determined that he will need some retraining by an experienced rider. If you can offer this fella love, patience, and security, please submit an application!

  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact the owner at herdingewe@roadrunner.com



  • AGE: 20

  • BREED: Morgan-Appalachian Singlefoot

  • SEX: Mare

  • HEIGHT: Approx 14 Hands

  • INFO: Ellie is a small, lively, curious, and friendly girl. She loves people and her 20-year pasture mate, Goose. The owner prefers that she and Goose (below) be adopted together. Ellie has not been under saddle, has no health issues, and is searching for a new forever home because of her owner's deteriorating health.

  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact the owner at (828) 586-1576

HFH Diva.jpg


  • AGE: 18

  • BREED: Appendix

  • SEX: Mare

  • HEIGHT: 16 Hands

  • INFO: Wonderful under saddle in arena and practically push button. Moves off the leg wonderfully and could easily build confidence in a rider. Trail rides better alone than with other horses. For the intermediate or advanced rider.

  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact the owner at (336) 745-8132